The 40th Annual Meeting of the Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2 was held March 12, 2015, at Halstead High School.  There were approximately 55 people in attendance.

David Stroberg, President, introduced District Staff and Manager Tim Boese, who presented information to the audience regarding the District's activities for 2014.

Vin Kissick, Secretary, read the 2014 Annual Meeting minutes.

Tim Boese, Manager, presented information about the District's proposed activities for 2015 and gave an update on current water-related legislation.

Incumbent Board members Vin Kissick (Sedgwick County) and Mike McGinn (Harvey County) were re-elected to another 3-year term.  David Bogner (Sedgwick County) was voted in as a new Board member.

Mike McGinn, Treasurer, reported on the District's financial status.  The audited 2014 revenues were $350,768, and expenditures were $391,769.  The 2014 FY Budget was $548,268.

Tim Boese, Manager, gave an update on the Reno County Suspension Area, advised the safe-yield calculation was being reviewed, and advised of possible modeling within the GMD2 boundaries.

Tim Boese, Manager, reviewed a proposed fiscal year 2016 budget of $507,555, which the Board approved to present at the budget meeting in June.

Jeff Lanterman, Divison of Water Resources - Stafford, gave an update on DWR's activities.

The Board voted to continue revisions to the Aquifer Management Program.

At the March 24th Board of Directors meeting, officers for 2015 were elected by Board members.  The officers for 2015 are:  Fred Seiler, President; Vin Kissick, Vice-President; Jeff Winter, Secretary; and Mike McGinn, Treasurer.

Please refer to the District's website for upcoming meeting dates and times.


The Board of Directors normally meet in regular session the second Tuesday of each month. All meetings and any portion thereof are open to the public, expect for closed or executive meetings.

The District encourages persons to attend District and Board of Directors’ meetings, hearings, work sessions or other business meetings.  Public comment is welcomed during the public forum at each regular board meeting. Individuals are provided the opportunity to voice their groundwater issue or concern directly to the Board.

It is a policy of the District to maintain a meeting notification list of persons who request advanced notification of District and Board meetings. Notice of the date, time and place of any regular or special meeting, work session or hearing will be furnished to persons requesting notification.


All Board of Directors meetings and any portion thereof are open to the public, except for closed or executive meetings, as prescribed by K.S.A. 75-4319.

Persons desiring prior notification of Board of Directors meetings, hearings, work sessions or other business meetings should complete and submit a meeting notice request to the District office.  Notice forms may be obtained by contacting the Equus Beds Groundwater Management District office at the address, e-mail address or telephone number listed above, or click below.

Click here for the Meeting Notice Request Form

If you are currently on the meeting notice list, please complete a new form each year to update our records and submit the form to the District by January 31st.

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