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We help with water permit applications, understanding water quality and quantity issues, legislative matters and water meter inspections, we even repair meters from our office.

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Process of obtaining a water permit

Depending on the type of permit desired, the process can take anywhere from one day to several years to process. Each application within the District is evaluated by the following rules and regulations.


NEWS AND Legislation

3 May, 2018

ASR Permit Modifications are being discussed. Follow the link to DWR's website for more information DWR Site ASR permit modifications

7 July, 2017

The GMD2 District Boundaries have recently been expanded See Map See Regulation

15 April

Division of water resources recently approved a suspension area that covers 100 square miles until March 1, 2019. See Map See Regulation See Extension See Second Extension

10 March

The enhanced well spacing moratorium has been lifted and a new regulation as been approved. See Map See Regulation